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Over the past four years, media has changed. Social media has become a huge focal point due to its sheer mass. And the vast amount of data available to create real engagement.

This shift in dynamics – from brands dictating their values and personality, and controlling media environments, to people defining and communicating what brands mean to them – is one of the most significant in advertising history.

But this is an evolution, not a seismic shift. The web has always been social in nature. Digital technology has just empowered us with easier and more efficient ways to express ourselves.

Brands need to add meaningful value to the lives of their customers in the spaces they already inhabit.

  • Social Marketing Strategy
  • Social Business Design
  • Social Paid Media planning and implementation
  • Community management / Community Strategy
  • Social technology builds and creative execution
  • Buzz monitoring and reputation management
  • Social intelligence, insight and research