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How we helped Sony use social media to launch the PlayStation Vita across Europe

The business challenge

The PS Vita was designed for those who want their gaming portable but don't want to compromise on graphics and connectivity. However, we live in a world where gaming on the move is dominated by mobile phones, not the giants of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

How could the PS Vita become not just the mobile gaming platform of choice for the niche hard core gamer, but also become more mainstream for the casual gamer across Europe?

The solution

For such a big challenge, our solution was nothing less than to create a revolution.

We knew that among our audience, product awareness was low. Our way to raise interest was to speak to them through social and mobile with primary challenges they were likely to respond to. To keep them interested, we needed to provide a variety of addictively engaging content.

So we devised a strategy which would build a community around the PS Vita and its supporting titles using transmedia story-telling to take our audience on a journey. A journey scattered with a number of real and fictional characters, activities and challenges inspired by PS Vita and its games.

The 12-month campaign we developed, created buzz, anticipation and passion for the PS Vita and its games leading up to, and beyond, the launch and has seen gamers in their thousands interacting on Facebook and Twitter.

The results

  • On average 10,000 plays per game
  • 70,000 engaged in the entire campaign so far
  • 750,000 people following on Facebook
  • At the time of the campaign, the PSVita was outselling Nintendo 3ds three-to-one