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Growing brand advocacy and creating a content community

The Challenge

Magic Wire by Triumph is a genuine innovation in the lingerie market – an underwired bra where the ‘wire’ is replaced by a flexible piece of silicone. It’s a product that solves an issue women have put up with for years, uncomfortable wires digging in.

But to generate true engagement with a new audience, just talking about silicone wires and product innovation wasn’t going to cut the mustard. You only need to glance at the cover of any glossy monthly to see how exposed  women are to hyperbolic claims. We needed to create a conversation that would stand out from this noise and that women would actively engage with. 

Our Solution

We broadened the insight the product touched upon - the fact that women put up with all sorts of underwear niggles – to all aspects of a woman’s life, inviting women to participate in a conversation about the niggles they put up with everyday. It’s a conversation women are already having all over the country – what we added to the mix was content to enrich that conversation and reward participation.

We developed a co-authored content campaign made up of a mix of hub, hero and hygiene content. We kicked off the conversation with our hero piece - a short video taking a light-hearted look at women’s niggles and showcasing the one niggle Triumph have solved with Magic Wire. 

To encourage conversation, we then posed a series of questions to our audience around the niggles they face and rewarded their interaction with bespoke illustrations. Once we’d identified the top niggles in each area, we went back to the same audience to crowd-source solutions.

Interspersed with all of this brand content were product messages around Magic Wire and a microsite where consumers could see reviews and get more information on the product. 

The result

Our social campaign had an average Facebook engagement rate of 2.67% - a 40% uplift on Triumph’s previous best-performing social campaign. The content’s viral reach was double the previous best performing content

Our co-authored content campaign reached over 5.4 million people with over 300,000 video views and the Triumph Magic Wire sold out in stores across the country.