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How we developed one of the UK's largest and most engaged automotive Facebook communities.

The business challenge

ŠKODA UK is only too aware of the changes digital and social media have made to the way people buy. Customers now use it as a tool to research and refine their decisions to buy as well as a way of sharing their own experiences of brands. As a brand with enviable levels of customer advocacy, harnessing and amplifying this positivity to nudge more people to choose ŠKODA was a no-brainer.

As such, social media plays a crucial role in the customer strategy we've developed for ŠKODA.

The solution

While the size of the community was important to our strategy, what was more important for us was engagement. Ultimately everything we do needs to drive sales, albeit indirectly. So, we set out to build an active Facebook community fuelled by content that would inspire our customers to share their positivity towards the ŠKODA brand. It's a win-win strategy.

Customers get the chance to share their enthusiasm about ŠKODA with people who share their passion. ŠKODA gets a stream of advocacy that can be shared, amplified and re-purposed to positively influence others' decision to buy.

Our start-point was to focus on the source of our brand advocacy; the emotional attachment people, and especially ŠKODA owners, have with their cars.

The result is an experience rooted in what people actually care about, delivering content that is genuinely engaging accompanied by a friendly and refreshing tone of voice.

What ŠKODA says to the community is important. But how they say it is just as critical. We spent time working with them to develop a strong tone of voice to sit around our content calendar to make sure the experience struck the right chord. And worked to support the brand experience ŠKODA customers have come to expect.

We also worked very closely with the Customer Services team to develop an efficient process across our Social communities. This ensures service and product issues raised in this space are dealt with efficiently and consistently.

The results

From a standing start in March 2012, the ŠKODA UK Facebook page has become the second largest Facebook page in the sector, with nearly 200,000 likes. And our all-important engagement rate has remained between 10% and 38% since launch.

Our ultimate aim is to better understand and optimise the role of social media in growing our base of loyal, happy customers as well as helping in the cost-effective acquisition of new ones. A project that is at present, on-going.