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Is mobile the future for all?

Is mobile the future for all?

To a greater or lesser extent but for most brands the actual payment functionality won’t be the area worth focussing on. The race isn’t really even on yet to get the infrastructure required to facilitate mobile payments into stores and on sites but CEO’s of brands should already have mobile comms at the top of their marketing agenda.

Consumers now think mobile first and brands need to start to do the same, we’re seeing that emails are now more likely to be opened on a smartphone than a desktop and in many cases the tablet is now the first screen rather than the second. Some brands like Starbucks have created their own mobile payment systems but consumers aren’t going to use myriad applications from every brand they buy. There’ll be a period of flux before the market consolidates around one system from the likes of Visa/Mastercard or from the networks via weve. Mobile payment will become the norm but that’s a logistical challenge for retail rather than a marketing opportunity for the vast majority.  

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