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The best ads from Christmas Past

Michele Ferrero, son of the founder, died this year as the world's 31st richest man, I like to think entirely because he ran this advert every Christmas for at least a decade.

The luxurious party setting made Ferrero Rocher a cut above your average Christmas chocolate and cleverly played into people's desires to be seen as stylish and classy by their friends.

Lovingly parodied for the past 20 years, you can't even see one of those gold balls and not have someone say "Monsieur, with these Rocher you are really spoiling us".

As a child however, it wasn’t a joke. I’d savour the Perspex box of 16 individually wrapped chocolates my Grandma would give me on Christmas Day. This glorified Nutella seemed lavish and elegant, the most decadent thing you could ever serve at a Christmas party.

As I'd smooth the gold foil out into tiny squares I’d dream of attending sophisticated adult soirees. Where, ambassadors of indeterminate European origin would be dazzled by my scintillating conversation (along with my big hair and heavy gold jewellery). Now that really would have been 'Excellente'

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