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Punters don’t want innovation for the sake of it

Punters don’t want innovation for the sake of it

I saw a nice quote about the iPhone 5S that asked whether the S stood for the ‘same’. A bit harsh perhaps, but it’s fair to say that the much-anticipated addition of fingerprint recognition and a new, more Essex-friendly, gold colour doesn’t feel exactly revolutionary at first glance. Apple has become a victim of its own success, however, having built a reputation for show stopping innovation with which Steve Jobs could casually rock the world. In reality though, punters don’t want innovation for the sake of it.

For instance, I don’t hear anyone raving about the weird Samsung eye-tracking technology they made central to their Galaxy S4. Customers just want something that works simply, brilliantly and effortlessly, and a lot of what’s interesting about the new iPhone is designed to do just that. 4G is in, mobile data speeds are up, and coverage is spreading to more and more cities every week. So, what do you really need from a new iPhone?

You need a piece of kit that is going to allow you to take advantage of quicker speeds and greater data. Say, something with a new processor chipset (the 64-bit A7 processor and the M7 ‘helper’) that makes this iPhone twice as fast as its predecessor while lasting longer. It’s a more powerful platform that will let app developers do more with 4G than ever before, and the M7 means the 5S better handles data input from the gyro and accelerometer. Its ‘wearable tech’ style credentials just went up – as did the amount of new, interesting app possibilities.

Even fingerprint recognition saves us a second or two each time we open the phone; for an audience that increasingly can’t spend more than 20 seconds without entertainment or contact, that’s potentially quite a big deal.

From this you might think I’m a big Apple fan, but I’m writing this on a shitty dell laptop and I have real issues with the way the company manufactures its product and the ‘closed’ nature of its eco-system. I just can’t fault the quality of the new product or the thinking behind the way the product has evolved. I’m now praying that the update to iOS7 is beautifully smooth and glitch-free so I don’t look like a total muppet….

This blog was originally published on Brand Republic

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