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I wish my son was a dog

I wish my son was a dog

We've once again teamed up with our charity partner, Harrison’s Fund to create ad campaign “I wish my son was a dog”.

Harrisons Fund I Wish My Son Was A Dog Press Ad

The ad has been used to highlight how the UK is twice as likely to donate to save an animal than to a child with the fatal disease Duchenne

The press ad was run in the Evening Standard and features a generic image of a dog taken from the Internet, asking ‘would you give £5 to help save Harrison from a slow and painful death’? It then goes on to explain that the image of the dog isn’t Harrison, but that Harrison is Alex’s eight year old son who has been diagnosed with the disease.

To back up the claim, we also created two online UK ad’s on the same media network with the same weighting, identical in every way bar the image. One had the image from the above mentioned ad, the other featured Harrison in place of the dog. Of the 350,757 impressions, Harrison’s advert received 111 clicks compared to the 230 of the dog ad – more than double.

Geoff Gower, executive creative director says: “It's always struck me as absurd that there are charities out there raking in millions to re-home dogs and donkeys whilst children in the UK are still dying from diseases that we don't understand and can't treat or cure. So it's sad but not surprising that Alex would have more success fundraising for kids with Duchenne if he used a dog in his advertising. And like him we'll do whatever it takes to get a result.”

Alex Smith, Harrison’s dad and CEO of Harrison’s Fund says: “The inspiration for this campaign comes from my desperation that money that could save my son’s is being spent elsewhere. I'm often asked if I regret placing shocking and controversial adverts to highlight my cause. Not at all. In my opinion, being blatant is one of the only ways small charities can gain the same traction and voice that larger organisations do.”

This latest campaign follows the success of the “I wish my son had cancer” campaign that we worked on back in 2013. The ad has gone on to pick up over 30 industry awards including Cannes Lions, Creative Circle and Campaign BIG awards. 

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