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Helping O2 be more valuable to its customers

When ais London was appointed to manage customer communications in 2003, the newly launched O2 brand was in trouble. Fourth out of four mobile networks in terms of market share, they were haemorrhaging customers and dogged by poor service and even poorer systems – a legacy of their BT history.

It was time for a radical rethink. The trouble was people cared about their phone but not their network. So, how to get closer to customers who don’t really want to?

Making customers our priority

Rather than trying to change behaviour, we worked with it.

We developed a customer strategy based on what people really care about. A strategy that sought to understand what they value and build on O2’s role as the enabler of it, making it easier for them to do more of the things they want to do.

O2 became the network that connects people to the things they love. Out of this, 'blueroom' was born.

Core to its success was data. We had to use it to understand what really mattered to customers. That meant an approach to planning and delivery rooted in what we learned from customer behaviour rather than our own desire to communicate.

The programme was refined until eventually, blueroom evolved into ‘Priority’.

As it changed, so did the way we connected customers with it. A website still sits at the heart of the experience. But now it’s just one part of a digital ecosystem that seamlessly links content, data and – importantly – the customers’ consumption of it across a whole range of channels. From O2’s databases and email communications through to a dedicated YouTube channel.

As for data, we developed apps that sit at the heart of the customer experience, tapping into their tastes – via existing properties such as Facebook, Spotify and – to help us stay up to date with what they’re into.

So O2 can make sure its customers never miss out on connecting to something they love.

The results

The success of the programme is remarkable by any standards and proves that customers genuinely appreciate O2’s continuing efforts to connect them to the things they love.

  • A customer registers on the Priority site every 90 seconds
  • Once registered, they are 19% less likely to leave O2
  • And much more likely to recommend O2 to their family and friends