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How we helped Dyson keep hold of its customers

Dyson turned the world of vacuum cleaners upside down when it launched the first bagless vacuum, which quickly became the vacuum to own, and indeed, talk about at dinner parties.

In 2005, one in three households owned a Dyson.

But the competition caught up and there had been a few reliability issues along the way. This was reflected in a loss of market share and a decline in loyalty – slumping to 45% at the beginning of 2007 from a peak of 65% in 2004.

Through research and customer analysis, ais London identified two distinct points in the tenure of Dyson ownership where attitudes shifted in regard to considering re-purchasing or recommending a Dyson. At three and five years.

We followed this up with a series of customer focus groups at these tenure points to establish how receptive people were to the Dyson brand, and how best to communicate with them.

We found that customers were falling out of love with their machines because they’d started encountering problems. But key information that would maintain performance and prolong life – like washing the filter regularly - wasn’t being communicated.

The answer was simple. Develop a customer communications lifecycle that delivered useful information to customers at the right time. Prolonging performance and maintaining conviction in the brand and belief in the product.

The results

Our activity caused a positive shift across a range of key loyalty behaviours. The same positive shift was seen in the intention to repurchase a Dyson and recommendation scores.